You are your best self when you...

...can relax in nature;

...have time;

...have space and quiet to feel into your body;

...take a step back from the day to day rush and remember what is actually important to you.

This happens when you take time out in nature, anywhere. 

When you do yoga in fresh air;

when you meet people who make similar decisions to take time to remember themselves.

Welcome to your community.

to move to feel better and to calm your mind

to take time off to reconnect with yourself

to reconnect with (your) nature



About Maggie James

Maggie teaches Jivamukti and Vinyasa Yoga and has been practicing since her teens; she aims to share the joy and peace of mind and body that yoga gives her. Coming from a background in engineering she loves the creative freedom she experiences in yoga, and is also keen to understand yoga’s scientific background and how it can help us. She encourages students to be similarly forever curious, question and try a variety of ways to practice and continue in the direction where they find growth and benefit.

Maggie's yoga classes focus on developing body- and self-awareness, as well as stability alongside mobility; you can expect  a dynamic and grounding sequence, an inspiring soundtrack and hands on assists. Her teaching is influenced by her yoga therapy studies, and her recent personal experience of becoming a mother.


Maggie is currently teaching in studios across London and on her retreats; most of all she is passionate about wildlife and her safari yoga retreats in Southern Africa.




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