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Postnatal Yoga


Those post birth months are hard and there's so little time to pay attention to safe rehabilitation. I love to empower mamas with knowledge to understand safe recovery & return to yoga & exercise. 

Private & Group Postnatal classes with me, online or in person in Newton, SA3

Find some lovely classes below and a range of specific focus & full length classes linked here

Fantastic 6 week postnatal course & classes co-designed with pelvic health physiotherapist Sarah Parker

Read my helpful guide to postnatal yoga

Mama Empower Postnatal - Energising Yoga

My babies take the shortest naps, so I designed this sequence to be able to do it in those super short naps. All you need is to be able to sit on a chair or the edge of a bed, so you can do it in baby's room even without a mat, no excuses! It'll stretch and work your whole body. I know it helped me feel better so I wanted to share it :) 

Baby & Me Yoga

Yoga for Better Sleep

30 minutes of stretching to help prepare the body for sleep. Not specifically designed as postnatal, but designed by me to help me prepare for sleep when my second baby was 3 months old. :)

Do you want to stay strong & keep practicing yoga during & after pregnancy, but:

- you are not sure what level of exercise is safe for your pregnant or postnatal body?

- normal pregnancy / postnatal yoga doesn't feel challenging enough? 

- AND you know instinctively that you need mental and physical resilience more than ever with a baby in your arms? 

THEN THIS IS FOR YOU & Tasters below.

Mama Empower Postnatal Taster

If you only have 3-8 minutes, try these short focussed classes. They are excerpts from our physio-designed Mama Empower course, enquire here to be part of our next course.

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