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15 March 2020, 2-4PM
Maggie James & Mara Cimatoribus
The Lodge Space, London



Life can be hectic. Especially in a big city like London.

And although there are more than 9 million people living here, we are really good at keeping to ourselves. We create this invisible bubble around us that is our personal space and we allow very few people in.

There’s nothing wrong with that, we need to look after ourselves and our energy, but there’s nothing more powerful and healing than connection.

The same way as massaging yourself doesn't quite feel the same as when someone else does it, you can experience yoga asana in a deeper way when someone is assisting you in it. 

That’s why we created this workshop, to have a safe space where, through the power of touch, we will learn how to support and be supported, bringing more awareness to our own bodies.


This workshop is open to everyone, wether you come alone or already with a partner, wether you are a beginner to the yoga practice or a teacher. (In fact, this is a great opportunity to explore ways to assist your students!).​

We will start our two hour workshop with a short flow, warm up with partner stretches, do some fun and exciting poses upside down, followed by a partner cool down. We will end with shavasana by yourself to allow your body and mind to soak up the experience.​​

EARLY BIRD PRICE £26 (valid until the 29th of February)


To book & for more info or questions, please email

The booking is not refundable but it is transferable to someone else. It will be your job to find someone who will buy the ticket from you.

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