A Weekend Retreat -

Manifesting Intention into Daily Life

Jan 17-19


Patahbi Jois famously said “Practice, practice, and all is coming”…but why is it that despite practicing a lot of yoga (or other movement) over many years, you may still not feel less stressed, or more at peace within yourself?

Why is it that sometimes our habits are stronger than our will to change, and even the best intentions go out the window with even a small dose of indecision? 

The theme of  weekend retreat, The Essential Yogi’s Toolkit, is based on observing people practicing a lot of yoga but not necessarily feeling more free and happy in their life.

This post-New Year’s retreat is designed to strip our pre-conceived notions of yoga practice, and instead will focus on a few simple tools that will help to clarify and accept the present moment, re-aligning intentions with daily reality to help manifest positive change, every day.

Join Maggie James and Lizzie Reumont for a yoga weekend of learning, laughter and love…and chart your course for making 2020 a defining year for positive change.



Jan 17-19


~ subject to change ~

Friday arrival day

Arrival After 4:30pm (before 11:00pm)
Evening Yoga class
Orientation / Satsang

Fruit and Tea available throughout and for a light breakfast
Morning Meditation
Morning Yoga
Free time (use of pool & sauna, coastal walk, massage or visit to local town Arundel)
Afternoon Yoga Workshop / Restorative

Fruit and Tea available throughout and for a light breakfast
Morning Meditation
Morning Yoga
Closing Satsang
Depart by 2pm


Lizzie Reumont

Lizzie is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher, Rolfer and craniosacral therapist. Her teaching is inspired by her love of nature, ancient philosophical texts, and the cultivation of ‘right’ action, including correct alignment and energetics of asana. 

Maggie James

Maggie focuses on developing stability alongside mobility; her teaching has been influenced by her yoga therapy studies, and her recent personal experience of becoming a mother. Maggie is also passionate about wildlife and runs safari yoga retreats in Southern Africa.

Martha Loving

Martha is a passionate plant based chef and has also recently become a yoga teacher

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