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About Maggie James

Maggie teaches Jivamukti & Vinyasa Yoga, and Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga and has been practicing since her teens; she aims to share the sense of joy and peace that yoga gives her. Coming from a background in engineering she is keen to understand & explain the science behind yoga, and also loves the creative freedom it gives her. She encourages students to be similarly forever curious, question and try a variety of ways to practice, and continue in the direction where they find growth and benefit.

Maggie's yoga classes focus on developing body- and self-awareness, as well as stability alongside mobility; you can expect  a dynamic and grounding sequence, an inspiring soundtrack and hands on assists. Her teaching is influenced by her yoga therapy studies, and her recent personal experience of becoming a mother. She trained under Sharon Gannon, founder of Jivamukti Yoga, in India, as well as with Doug Keller, Zephyr Wildman & Celest Pereira in London. 

Maggie is currently teaching in studios across London and on her retreats; most of all she is passionate about wildlife and her safari yoga retreats in Southern Africa.


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